Journal Of The Culinary Artist

Readers, Explorers, Loners. Lovers of the Universe!

I have already decided that our first meeting (which is happening RIGHT now) is a deliciously enchanting one! One where you’re drinking a particularly richly-coloured tea and I have a small handful of blunt pencils twisted into my hair. One where you’re on a park bench in glorious sunlight and I’m by a window overlooking a rain-drenched forest. One where you’ve just left a Sweet little music venue and I’m sitting at my desk writing about Oranges. Maybe a peculiar arrangement of these events or a just-as-thrilling arrangement of different events, You decide on that one! But whatever the chances and circumstances under which we meet,ย It is my greatest pleasure to make your acquaintance andย Thank youย for finding ME!

The idea for my blog came about in an entirelyย quirky and UNEXPECTEDย way. After deciding to move back home to the rainforest for a few months, I began spending time wondering. My wondering transformed into; writing and talking and dancing to silly music with my siblingsย and crying about leaving the city and missing my friends and DID I MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!! Andย practicing piano and yelling at the sky and binge watching t.v. and reading…and then, without warning, aย spark of inspiration appeared in my mind as casually as if it had always been there! Nothing at all and then….ALL AT ONCE WITHOUT A SINGLE QUIVERING DOUBT, It Hit ME! SPECTACULARLY!ย and it sounded just like this:

My GOODNESS! It is Winter + the oranges in our orchard have the most enticing GOLD-TANGERINE lustre, drooping between clusters of rough green leaves! ACTUALLY! the more time I spend looking at these ORANGES the more I’m thinking + WONDERING and smiling + getting that creative TINGLING FEELING in every part of me, Which is BRILLIANT-BRILLIANT + it ย has given me theย mostย wondrous IDEA!…CREATE MY OWN FOOD JOURNAL!

1.Which means I get to combine;ย food, writing + art,ย 

2.Which is EXACTLY what I am,



So. Here goes! My online journal documenting my experiences as I travel the world, indulging my fascination with food, delighting my brain with knowledge and immersing myself in the culinary, healing and artistic practices of the modern and ancient world.

So I invite YOU, toย COME WITH ME on my travels as I LAUGH at the ridiculous things, CRY at the inspiring things, SWEAR when everything seems SHIT but am grateful that it happened in the end, SUCCEED chaotically and FAIL magnificently, DRINK to excellent health and happiness and to all the other things that make us FANTASTICALLY and INESCAPABLY human!

Thankyou THANKYOU, for reading my blog. I am Terribly Excited about it and the future adventures to be had!

You can keep up to-date with my travels by following this Blog and my Instragram page.

Stay Curious,

The Culinary Artist xXx


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