Finding Enchantment

My Delightful and Inquisitive Readers,

Let me tell you about how much I LOVE to be Enchanted!

For me, ENCHANTMENT is that golden fiery gift you find in the strange places of you brain, if you dare to look. It’s where three-eyed fish swim past your electric blue irides and daisies grow upside-down from the ceiling. Finding enchantment is like flicking on the light in a dark room and everything explodes in catastrophically perfect delights. Enchantment is the smile that creeps from one side of your face to to other and leaves your eyes wide. Enchantment brings the heart into visibility and it makes you feel undeniably and extravagantly alive.

Enchantment is that, MY GOODNESS..THAT IS WHAT IV’E BEEN SEARCHING FOR feeling, right up your entire spine. Every segment colliding with the one above until it reaches the base of your skull where it walks along your tongue and tickles your lips just So ELEGANTLY and bursts into the atmosphere in an extravagant fusion of fist-pumping-HECK-YES shouting.

The Beautiful thing about Enchantment is that it feels SO GOOD! Like massive love-heart eyes and melted butter on freshly baked bread, It doesn’t get much sweeter.

And…If you INDULGE IN ENCHANTMENT, magical things begin happening! It is when absolutely everything else fades away and IT become the MOST IMPORTANT THING and in fact, when you think about it, it is the ONLY THING. And by indulge I mean with 100% honesty and commitment, your whole-self engulfed in the delight of the experience. Indulging in Enchantment means possibilities are exquisitely endless and you are ENTIRELY and UNQUIVERINGLY immersed in the experience no matter how ordinary, mundane, seemingly-insignificant or banal it might outwardly (or inwardly) appear to be. Massive experiences are Awesome & Extra-Ordinary but I LOVE THE MINUSCULE ONES THE MOST (like eating an Orange or drinking Tea!) It is choosing to enjoy the absolute hell out of a situation and being gloriously gloriously in love with the moment.

I love being enchanted by food! I don’t only see food as material to replenish our bodies with energy but a carefully orchestrated artwork. It goes like this: I sit down, take a mouthful of food and with my eyes half-open I’m gliding through darkness in slow motion. Every movement appears and feels immense. Every minuscule flavour and texture singing with clarity and richness. I love it because I am absolutely engaged with the meal i’m eating, orange juice dripping from my chin or tomato sauce on my lip. Deciding, why YES this is delicious and this is WHY! listing off ten-thousand observations in one mouthful. I explored being enchanted by food in this poem which I wrote a few days ago.

The Orchard

Pulling down on individual globes of fruit,

Entire branches bow in sympathy,

Prickling my skin with swollen raindrops.

I grasp an orange with both hands,

My cheeks blushing vermillion through the mist.

As I feast on the succulent flesh,

Aqueous tangerine-stained segments cling to my parted lips.

The acidic liquid ignites in my throat,

Like miniscule fireworks pirouetting

In slow-motion-yellowed-ribbons through my body.

Curlicues of untameable flame explode through my veins

Like spiking electricity through wire.

I breath in the perfumed fruit.

My skin, lustrous, explosive with delight,

Sparkling, like a spider web, hung with dew.

Curled in the palm of my syrupy hand,

A single leaf twisted onto itself.

The empty peels at my feet-

Balanced half-moons orbiting the Winter Orchard.


One last thought on Enchantment: I find it fascinating that everyone in there unique humaness experiences enchantment differently. A musician finds enchantment in a set of things entirely unique to them, as does a barber, a yoga instructor, someone who is 17 to someone who is 42. So tell me, because I’d love to know, What enchants you? Where do you find enchantment in your life? Comment below!


Stay Curious!
The Culinary Artist


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