GOOD Evening! Here Are The next two ARTY TALKS from my Online Exhibition, 700 Oranges. Enjoy Reading! ARTY TALKS NUMBER THREE No.29 Watercolour On Recycled Paper From 700 ORANGES, Online Art Exhibition Dimensions: 38X141 Price: $70, SOLD This Is an Exciting painting to talk about! No. 29 is the mid-way painting from this exhibition in terms… Continue reading ARTY TALK 3 & 4


Happy Monday

Happy Monday Readers!! (Even though it’s a little late) WELCOME TO SPRING I’ve missed the last 2 Springs on the farm because I’ve been living in the city & I am feeling unstoppably radiant to have the opportunity to be home for this one. There is ALREADY so much taking place in our garden &… Continue reading Happy Monday

Another Loaf Of (Delicious) Bread

Hello! I hope I've found you sitting in a comfortable chair, on a beautiful day and you are feeling quite spectacular. But If those aren't your current circumstances, That Is More Than Okay because This Blog Update Is About Bread. And Bread Makes Most Things So Much Better! (Usually) I Tried The 3rd Recipe From… Continue reading Another Loaf Of (Delicious) Bread

Cooking Brings Me Home (Part 2)

OooOo Hello! It’s The Middle Of The Week ❤ What A Sweet Slice Of Time To Be Reading My Blog <3! …Continuing on from Cooking Brings Me Home (Part 1) from earlier this week… The other cooking process that brings me home is making bread. I ADORE the physicality of it, Elongated out, across the… Continue reading Cooking Brings Me Home (Part 2)

Cooking Brings Me Home (Part 1)

Good Evening Lovers And Dreamers, Dancers and Creators! These days I’m basically a human mess of orange and citrus love. (It’s SO Groovy) I’m not exaggerating when I say I dream of oranges every night. But let me start this blog with something not directly orange related. (Don’t Worry, The Oranges Are Coming Later, I… Continue reading Cooking Brings Me Home (Part 1)

Musical Bread

Good Evening (Or Happy Morning) Readers! I thought I'd compose A little blog update to tell you that because there is so much to discuss about each recipe I complete from Beard On Bread I have started a Miniature Blog Feed, attached to this blog, Dedicated To The Challenge. I will Upload My Experiences Of Each Recipe and A… Continue reading Musical Bread

Glorious Bread

Dear Readers! I think bread may quite possibly be one of the best inventions in this world. (In my opinion) Bread has my FULL-HEARTED adoration and enthusiasm. There is something undeniably glorious about making bread and the way it manages to make everything better, no matter how disastrous the situation may be. Making bread feels… Continue reading Glorious Bread

Back Into A Kitchen!

My Lovely Lovely Readers! I got a job! Turns out taking energetic little me out of hospitality for a month and half when I moved home to the country made me realise how much I miss it. That doesn’t mean I did enjoy my time away, I certainly did. Such as the one morning I… Continue reading Back Into A Kitchen!

Finding Enchantment

My Delightful and Inquisitive Readers, Let me tell you about how much I LOVE to be Enchanted! For me, ENCHANTMENT is that golden fiery gift you find in the strange places of you brain, if you dare to look. It’s where three-eyed fish swim past your electric blue irides and daisies grow upside-down from the… Continue reading Finding Enchantment

Journal Of The Culinary Artist

Readers, Explorers, Loners. Lovers of the Universe! I have already decided that our first meeting (which is happening RIGHT now) is a deliciously enchanting one! One where you're drinking a particularly richly-coloured tea and I have a small handful of blunt pencils twisted into my hair. One where you're on a park bench in glorious… Continue reading Journal Of The Culinary Artist